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Graphic | The North Face

Customers are everything to a business. So, marketing for them and thanking them for their trust is pretty important! 

The North Face challenged me to create thank you cards for their e-commerce customers, as well as creating a mailing campaign to promote new products.

This was a fun challenge! Short on time but big on creativity and possibilities to scale both solutions. 



3 days


Design thank you cards and a mailing campaign


Graphic designer

Mail marketing, in a template.

Introducing products to consumers has been evolving and changing since forever. Today, it’s easier than ever to reach consumers directly via email, so it’s a natural channel for businesses to target consumers. The real challenge is having users not only open the mail, but to engage with it and hopefully convince them to buy the product.

The team tasked me with creating a template for Traction Mule, a pair of shoes designed for indoor & outdoor use in between adventures. Say you’re hiking and you set up a camp for a couple days? these are the ones you take your boots off and put your feet in.

I thought about the potential reuse of the mail, so I created it as a sort of template for any of their products. It’s basically made up of a hero image with a couple of marketing phrases, 3 key features of the product, assurances from the company and a closing image. It starts with the essence of the product and ends with the essence of The North Face.



Customers deserve a thank you.

After selling them hundreds of dollars worth of products and trusting your business, the least you can do is thank customers for trusting you.

This is one of those nice details that you normally wouldn’t expect with your online purchase, but it feels good to get. It’s also a great opportunity for fans of the brand to show their appreciation, much like Apple does with its branded stickers.

Here’s the deal. Besides from designing a card that thanks customers and invites them to follow The North Face on social media, I wanted them to have that bonus of a nice collectible. Newcomers will think it’s a cool touch and diehard fans will love to collect them.

I decided put some of the most amazing places on Earth in the back of the cards, to evoke the feeling of adventure and exploration that is the essence of The North Face. It’s a fun detail you’d get with every purchase and something nice to expect every time you buy a product, much like when you bought those album sticker packs when you were younger and opened them excited to see what you got.

A cool evolution of this concept could be involving The North Face fans on social media, asking them to send their pictures of amazing places they’ve visited and having their pictures printed with their user handle so other customers can follow them online, creating a sort of explorer community for TNF users.

Another fun idea could be making them regional. Having every TNF store offer  cards with pictures from the country they’re based it, inviting consumers to visit the stores abroad and furthering this travel and exploration concept.




That’s it! thanks for checking it out.

This was an intense, superfast project I had so much fun with. I think the results are pretty great, because they have the capability to be scaled into bigger, better versions of what they currently are. They’re also mindful of the context and the consumer, which is something I believe people look for in their products nowadays.

Drop a line and let me know what you think worked best! 

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