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UX, Research & Storytelling | Global Revamp

Ever feel like the world is falling apart and you want to help prevent it?

Tons of garbage polluting our seas, communities without access to drinking water, animals suffering because of our plastic waste.

It’s tough to see, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like to experience it, but I’m glad there are organizations and people willing to help.

Global Revamp is a collective of people who love the Planet, who partner up with NGO’s across the world to support communities in need, endangered animals, cleaning polluted beaches, and more.

What’s cool about Global is that you can donate to causes you really care about, and you can also subscribe to causes and donate monthly. 

We helped them design a storytelling-driven site, leveraging stories and psychological knowledge to entice users get involved with causes. We also designed a streamlined donation flow, that allows you to support what you love in seconds.

*Client name redacted.



4 months


Redesign the donation experience considering a subscription model.


UX Designer, Researcher, Storytelling, Emotional Design.

Altruism is harder than we think

That’s precisely what Global Revamp is about. They came to us with a very large community, but also very low participation from them.

We set out to understand who their users are, what makes them feel fulfilled, and what motivates them to donate. 

Our research produced user personas, a hierarchy of needs chart, a user journey with a heavy emotional component, and a download of all the assumptions our client (and us) had made so far.

We discovered that in order to donate, users must have all their needs fulfilled. Altruism comes after they feel “complete”. 

By relying on emotional design and storytelling, we can design the way they feel when navigating a cause, and put them on a state where they’re more inclined to contribute.

We also designed the site, and the story structure in a way that entices the user to join the community, and actively participate in these projects, more than just donating. The goal is to help them connect with likeminded individuals who care about the same cause, and also inspire a sense of community within donors. 


Subscribe to a good cause

We often think of donations as a one-off kind of thing. The thing is, these causes aren’t problems you can solve as a one time thing, they require continuous effort.

That’s where Global Revamp is trying to change the narrative, by having users understand that cleaning the Great Garbage Patch, or replanting an entire forest is not something you do in a day or two. 

We understand people may not feel as strongly as they originally did, when seeing a recurring charge to their card, so in an effort to compensate, we send cause updates to your email. This way, you’ll be able to follow along with how Global Revamp is putting your money to do good for the Planet, and see how little by little, we can make a change.

By engaging users into a community of people who care about the same causes, who truly love helping, and who want leave the world better than we found it, we hope to inspire them to become permanent patrons, and to also spread the voice about this initiative.


There is no Planet B, after all.


That’s it! thanks for checking it out.

I’ll always have a soft spot for this project. I love what it stands for, their goal, and the liberty they gave us to explore and really let storytelling shine here.

Hope to see a few Planet Warriors making the world a better place soon!

Drop a line and let me know what you think worked best! 

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