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Packaging | Icoa Rosé

What’s the world without a little chocolate, right? Once I crack a bar open, I can’t stop until there’s nothing left! 😂

This is my take on the packaging for Icoa Rosé, a fragrant chocolate made with rosé wine. This was my first attempt at commercial-grade packaging and it was a huge learning experience. Everything from the art layout and the cutting guides, all the way to inks and finishings. 



A couple of weeks


Design the primary & secondary packaging


Packaging designer

So, what’s the deal?

It’s simple. I was tasked with creating fun packaging for any mass consumed product, and I chose chocolate!

El Rey is one of the highest quality chocolate brands in Venezuela, so this product seemed like something right up their alley.

I decided to do a small rebrand along with the package design, so it would all have a fresher aesthetic. The color palette is inspired in rosé wine. That’s also represented with the cocoa pods coming out of the bottle, which I think is a fun way to express what the product is all about.




That’s it! thanks for checking it out.

This was a fun project that mixes the two things I love the most, design and cooking. 

To me, Icoa Rosé is fun, fresh and eye-catching. I’d love to see it one day in stores, standing out on the shelves over all the other chocolate boxes 😂

Drop a line and let me know what you think worked best! 

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