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Who am I?

I’m a UX Designer with a background in graphic design and industrial product design, who happens to love copywring and storytelling.

The three things I enjoy the most are designing, cooking and travelling!

I’m a little bit of a language nerd. I speak Spanish, English, Italian and German, I know a bit of Catalan and even a hint of Japanese 😜. I’m looking forward to adding a couple more to the list soon! 

Let’s talk hard skills.

In terms of UX, I’m pretty confident with wireframing, creating user flows and defining use cases. Information architecture is a big one, as well as carrying out heuristics analyses.

On Research, I love running workshops and facilitating design sprints, generating user personas & Journeys, doing user interviews, and basing my work on tried and true patterns.

Copywriting and UX Writing are also things I love doing, as well as product-oriented storytelling.

I’ve also worked on generating user stories and their corresponding acceptance criteria for development.

Outside of UX, I have worked on editorial, packaging, presentations, stationery, web and social media, and even industrial design.


What about soft skills?

Communication is my number one priority. I’d say proactivity and patience too, as well as adaptability and time management.

I’m also big on empathy, I feel it’s key for any designer, which also helps a lot when building client relations.

Presenting is also something I’m comfortable with. I’m also a big advocate for critical and lateral thinking, and I’ve been working on my leadership skills more recently.

As for languages, I’m fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, with German on a more intermediate level.


Want to work with me?

Sounds great! I’m open to listening about work opportunities, so please send them my way 🤩.

Here’s a link to my CV, so you can have the info handy.